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Legal Acts


RA Civil Code (05.05.1998, HO-239-N)

RA Law on the Central Bank (30.06.96, HO-69)

RA Law on Banks and Banking (30.06.96, HO-68-N)

RA Law on Bank Secrecy (07.10.96, HO-80)

RA Law on Attraction of Bank Deposits (17.06.2008, HO-124-N)

RA Law on Guaranteeing Compensation of Bank Deposits  (24.11.2004, HO-142-N)

RA Law on Consumer Credits (17.06.2008, HO-122-N)

RA Law on Currency Exchange Regulation and Exchange Control (24.11.2004, HO-135-N)

RA Law on Funds Transfer by Payment Order  (04.12.1996, HO-100)

RA Law on Payment and Settlement Systems and Payment and Settlement Organization (24.11.2004, HO-150N)

RA Law on Financial System Mediator (17.06.2008, HO-123-N)

RA Law on Securities Market (20.10.2007, HO-195-N)

RA Law on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (26.05.2008, HO-80-N)

RA Tax Code (04.10.2016, HO-165-N)

RA Law on Joint-Stock Companies (25.09.2001, HO-232)

RA Law on Accounting (26.12.2002, HO-515-N)

Other Normative Legal Acts

Regulation 1 on Registration and Licensing of Banks and Branches of Foreign Banks, Registration of Bank Branches and Representative offices, qualification and registration of managers of banks and branches of foreign banks" (RA CB Board Decision N 144, 12.04.2005)

Regulation 2 on regulation of Banking, Prudential Standards for Banking (RA CB Board Decision N39-N, 09.02.2007թ)

Regulation 3 on Banks' Reports, Reporting and Release (RA CB Board Decision N 50-N, 25.03.2003)

Regulation 5/01 on the Minimum Requirements for Financial Institutions in the sphere of combating money laundering and terrorism financing (RA CB Board Decision N 269-N, 09.09.2008)

"On Order for deciding on suppression of suspicious transaction or business relationship or freezing the funds related to terrorism" (CBA Board Decision N302-N,04.11.2008)

Regulation 8/01 on Explanations and Examples of the Calculation of Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (CB Board Decision N 363-N, 16.12.2008)

Regulation 8/02 on the Calculation of Annual Percentage Yield of Bank Deposits ( CB Board Decision N 165-N,02.06.2009)

Regulation 8/03 on Information Publication by Financial Institutions and Financial Groups (CB Board Decision N 83-N, 02.06.2009)

Regulation 8/04 on Minimum Conditions and Principles for Internal Rules, Regulating the Procedure of Examination of Complaints/Claims of Customers (CB Board Decision N 225-N, 28.07.2009)

Resolution 8/05 on the Procedure, Term, Forms and Minimum Requirements for Communication Between Bank and Depositors, Creditor and Consumer (CB Board Decision N 229-N, 28.07.2009)

Regulation 8/06 on Requirements to procedures and methods of application of rules of business treatment of banks and credit organizations with guarantors (CB Board Decision N 162-N, 11.10.2019)

Procedure of establishment of creditability database (credit register) of clients of banks, credit organizations and branches of foreign banks operating in Armenia and participation of banks, credit organizations and branches of foreign banks operating in Armenia in the credit register (CBA Decision N142-N, 29.03.2005)

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