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Intel Express system makes transfers among 150 countries worldwide. Intel Express international money transfer system enables individual customers to make instant money transfers without opening an account.

 Transfers are executed in:
- USD,
- RUB,
- EUR.

  • The Bank accepts the transferring fund in transfer currency, as well as by other currency converting on the request.
  • Transfer speed - transferred fund is available for the receiver within 5 minutes.
  • The recipient receives only clear/net amount and while receiving it does not pay any commission fee.


Transfer Procedure

  • to apply to any branch of Artsakhbank,
  • to find out, if there is an Intel Express service in the place where the fund is going be transferred, 
  • to present ID to the Bank's employee, to mention the recipient country, city, and the exact name/ surname, middle name of the receiver (in case of large money transfers mention the receiver's passport data according to the requirement of the transfer system)
  • to enter the transferring money and commission.

Corresponding statement on the executed transaction is provided to the sender.

Transfer receipt procedure

 To receive the transfer it is necessary:

  • to apply to any branch of Artsakhbank, 
  • to present ID, tell the transfer verification code (if necessary to answer the question of inspector) and receive the transfer without commission fee.

Payment of the transferred funds to the customer is executed in USD and EUR depending on the sender's mentioned currency.

Cancellation, amendments and return of transfers

  • The system gives an opportunity to change the receiver's name based on sender-customer's written request.
  • The sender may cancel the executed transfer by applying to the service center from which the transfer has been made and presenting his/her ID, transfer verification code, only when the receiver has not received the transferred fund yet.
  • In case of cancelling the transfer the fund is returned with the commission fee if the cancellation has been done during the same day.
  • On the next day after the transfer cancellation the commission shall not be refunded, by presenting the sender's passport and transfer code, applying to the service center from which the transfer is executed.

Transfer commission fee -
0.1-2.6% depending on the transfer direction and the amount.

The maximum limit of the transfer depends on the transfer direction.

You can get detailed information on Intel Express system (including information on transfer direction, geography, service centers) by visiting webpage.

You can make transfers through Intel Express system at Artsakhbank branches.

Updated 2020-01-15 16:53:44

USD 496.50 504.00 501.55
EUR 529.00 548.00 542.38
RUB 6.36 6.90 6.58
CHF 495.00 520.00 513.30
GBP 598.00 625.00 616.76
GEL 135.00 170.00 158.42
CAD 320.00 361.00 355.53
USD 496.00 504.00 501.55
EUR 529.00 548.00 542.38
RUB 6.36 6.85 6.58
CHF 498.00 521.00 513.30
GBP 600.00 626.00 616.76
GEL - - 158.42
CAD - - 355.53

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XAU 1 gram - 42000.00
XAU 50 gram - 1360000.00
XAU 1000 gram - 26550000.00
XAG1000 gram - 390000.00
XAU 1 գրամ - -
XAU 50 գրամ - -
XAU 1000 գրամ - -
XAG1000 գրամ - -

ARCHIVE Updated 06.04.2020 09:42