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Artsakhbank, CJSC, is one of the founders of Armenian Card (ArCa) national payment system. Since 2001 the Bank has been issuing and servicing ArCa plastic cards.

Since 2004 the Bank has also been a member of MasterCard International international payment system that represents such well-known payment brands as Cirrus/Maestro and MasterCard available in more than 210 countries worldwide.

The Bank suggests ArCa Classic, Maestro and MasterCard Standard cards as a "salary" corporate cards. The Universities and State authorities also can be interested in corporate cards. 

ArCa Business and MasterCard Business cards are the best payment means for representative and business trips expenses both in the republic of Armenia and abroad. Due to high enough limits of non-cash transactions executed via cards the entrepreneurs can also be interested in ArCa Business and MasterCard Business cards a payment mean in deals related with suppliers within the country and abroad.

An annual interest rate of 6% is calculated for card account positive balance depending on the card's and currency. One can receive a credit line/overdraft through the cards.

The Bank offers ArCa Gold and MasterCard Gold cards to its VIP and regular customers who have high and stable income, long-lasting and successful credit history insuring transactions' execution with additional capabilities and higher limits.

General Information

ArCa cards are provided in AMD. MasterCard and Maestro are available both in AMD and USD and EURO.

The cards are provided for 2 years period.

Card account is opened upon receiving the application and necessary documents.
Card is provided maximum within 10 /ten/ banking days.
Card activation is carried out at the card providing time.

Together with the card the customer is provided with a code (PIN) in closed envelope which is used in ATMs, trade and service centers for the customer's identification. PIN code should not be published or availalble for the third parties. The customer should be careful while entering the code as in case of 3 /three/ times incorrect entering, the card will be automatically blocked and will be unblocked based on the customer's written request for which the Bank will charge fees set by its tariffs.

Keep the card in safe in order to be unreachable for other people.

Don't provide code to third parties including the Bank's staff.
Don't keep the cart and PIN code together.

A card-holder has a right within contractual terms, completing the appropriate application form, to appeal the transactions that have been withdrawn from his/her card account (including non-cash) but the card-holder has not received the cash amount or service for some reason.

In case of card loss or theft the customer should immediately contact the Bank by the following ways: via calling +374 47 947591 in Stepanakert, +374 10 277719 in Yerevan during the Bank's working days and hours or ArCa processing center phone number +374 10 592222  during the Bank's non-working days and hours.

Artsakhbank ATMs and POS-terminals

Financial Assistant

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USD 482.00 487.00 483.82
EUR 527.00 538.00 530.41
RUB 6.73 7.00 6.81
CHF 491.00 505.00 499.71
GBP 586.00 602.00 595.63
GEL 145.00 170.00 151.70
CAD 325.00 355.00 348.42
USD 481.50 487.00 483.82
EUR 527.00 538.00 530.41
RUB 6.73 6.98 6.81
CHF 496.00 503.00 499.71
GBP 590.00 603.00 595.63
GEL - - 151.70
CAD - - 348.42

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XAU 1 gram - 45100.00
XAU 50 gram - 1450000.00
XAU 1000 gram - 27800000.00
XAG1000 gram - 390000.00
XAU 1 գրամ - -
XAU 50 գրամ - -
XAU 1000 գրամ - -
XAG1000 գրամ - -

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