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Deposit Attraction Conditions

Artsakhbank, CJSC (hereinafter the Bank) accepts deposits from legal entities in Armenian drams, US dollars, Euro and other  currencies, both cash and non-cash.

The procedure of deposit acceptance by the Bank is regulated by the RA and NKR acting Legislations, Resolutions of the RA Central Bank, Management's Resolutions, Charter of the Bank, and Other Internal Legal Acts.

Deposit is an amount of money deposited by a Customer to the Bank, the acceptance terms of which correspond with the requirements set forth by the Bank Deposit Agreement.

Time deposit is a deposit that is accepted by the conditions to be given back after the end of certain term.

Demand deposit is a deposit which can be withdrawn by/on the first demand of a Depositor.

Deposits, their interest rates and the minimum deposit principal amount are defined by the Bank's Executive Board.




 Annual Interest Rate,%

up to 25 mln*
up to 50 000*
up to 50 000*


up to 30 days

at the end of the term




31-90 days on monthly basis 10.25 3.0  0.75
at the end of the term 10.5 3.5  0.8
91-180 days on monthly basis 11.0 3.75  1.0
at the end of the term 11.25 4.0  1.25
181-270 days on monthly basis 11.5 4.25  1.5
at the end of the term 11.75 4.5  1.75
271-365 days
on monthly basis 12.5 4.75  1.85
at the end of the term 12.75 5.0  2.0
366-550 days on monthly basis 13.00 5.25  2.25
at the end of the term 13.25 5.5  2.5

* Terms of deposits of higher amount are set by deposit agreement.

* Նշված սահմանաչափերից ավել գումարի ավանդներ ներդնելու դեպքում պայմանները սահմանվում են պայմանագրային հիմունքներով: - See more at: /our-services/retail/standard-deposittest.html#sthash.KBQaQipg.dpuf

The Bank has the right to change interest rates paid for demand deposits and banking accounts' funds, unless the contract provides otherwise. 

The deposit principal may be replenished by funds received from the third party only by mentioning required data on deposit account, unless the contract provides otherwise.

Interest Accrual and Payment on Deposit Principal

ATTENTION! The interest is calculated on the basis of nominal interest rate. The annual percentage yield shows the income You could earn if You re-deposit the interest received from the deposit.

Calculation of Annual Percentage Yield

Interests, accrued on deposits both in Armenian drams, and in other foreign currencies, are paid in AMD within the terms and regulations defined by the Bank's internal legal acts. The calculation of interest starts from the day following the date of payment of the deposit to the Bank and end one day before the deposit repayment day.

The Bank pays interests for all types of deposits in cash, and the interests accrued on legal entities' deposits may be transferred to their bank accounts.

In case of cash payment of both accrued interests and cash deposit investments to the Depositor, there is no commission fee.

In case of encashment of the funds deposited in non-cash form, commission fee is charged: in AMD - 0.4%, in foreign currency - 0.5%, if the deposits have been kept in the Bank for at least 1 (one) month - there is no fee.

Provision of account statements, copies of account statements, and other information despite the executed transaction's backdate, as well as customer's deposit account maintenance are free of charge.

Deposit Reimbursement/Prolongation

The Bank repays the deposit, whether in whole or in part, upon the demand of the Depositor according to the Deposit Agreement, except legal entities' deposits attracted by other conditions.

If the deposit is demanded back by the Depositor before the due date, the Bank repays the deposit at the interest rate applied for demand deposit, except the unique cases defined by the Bank.

If the depositor does not demand the deposit amount upon the expiry of the agreement, the deposit is transferred to the Depositor's bank account.

If the date of the deposit refund is a day-off, the refund is made on the next business day following the day-off with the payment of interests for day offs.

To receive the deposit, part of it and/or interests accrued on it, the Depositor (in case of deposit on the child's name under 18 years) should submit to the Bank his/her identification documents and his/her copy of Deposit Agreement.

Terms of Deposit Early Withdrawal

A legal entity may withdraw the deposit or part of it before the due day only with the Bank's consent or in the cases subject to the Deposit Agreement.

Deposit Refund Insurance and Compensation Guarantee

The Bank insures the repayment of deposits to the Depositors.

The insurance conditions of legal entities deposits refund are defined by the Deposit Agreement. While signing the Deposit Agreement the Bank provides the Depositor with a Deposit Guarantee Notice.

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USD 482.00 485.50 482.24
EUR 522.00 532.00 525.21
RUB 6.67 6.96 6.71
CHF 487.00 502.00 495.83
GBP 580.00 594.00 587.08
GEL 145.00 170.00 151.19
CAD 328.00 349.00 343.94
USD 481.50 486.00 482.24
EUR 522.00 532.00 525.21
RUB 6.67 6.92 6.71
CHF 492.00 501.50 495.83
GBP 583.00 596.00 587.08
GEL - - 151.19
CAD - - 343.94

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XAU 1 gram - 45100.00
XAU 50 gram - 1450000.00
XAU 1000 gram - 27800000.00
XAG1000 gram - 390000.00
XAU 1 գրամ - -
XAU 50 գրամ - -
XAU 1000 գրամ - -
XAG1000 գրամ - -

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