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Accounts: General Information

Artsakhbank enables NKR and RA resident and non-resident individuals and sole entrepreneurs to open and close banking account/accounts.

Account Opening
Accounts are opened in AMD and foreign currency.

Foreign currency exchange is made in correspondence with the exchange rate set by the Bank subject to the Bank's internal legal acts.

Commission fee is charged from the customer for an account opening, maintenance and transaction services via the banking account with the Bank's corresponding tariffs.

The Bank opens an account (accounts) for a customer both in AMD and/or in foreign currency, performs account (accounts) complex service and all those account and cash transactions on the customer's request that are not prohibited by NKR and RA legal acts for NKR and RA resident and non-resident legal and physical entities.

Bank account opening is possible as soon as all the required documents are submitted by the customer, upon the payment of fees set by the Bank's tariffs, as well as the Bank's internal legal acts on money laundering and combating terrorism financing and the customer's sufficient analysis based on the agreement of banking account opening and management.

Legal Entities' Application for Account Opening
List of Required Documents for Account Opening

The customer may make transactions of credit and withdrawal of funds  via banking accounts.

Crediting of Funds to Customer's Account
The Bank makes credit of funds based on statements and verified payment orders. The Bank ought to make crediting of funds to account not later than the nest day after submitting payment documents to the Bank unless otherwise provided by the law or account agreement.

The Bank is not liable for delay of crediting of funds o customer's account in case if the certifying documents are not available.

Debit of Funds
Customer is free to manage his/her AMD and foreign currency accounts funds.

Debit of funds is made on submitting the payment orders by the customer. The Bank ought to make payments or transfer of funds not later than the next day on submitting corresponding payment documents unless otherwise provided by the law and account agreement.

In case of insufficient funds on customer's account on the day of payment order submission, the Bank is to delay the transaction for up to 3 banking days until the replenishment of the funds after which the Bank cancels the transaction.
Payment orders submitted up to 16:00 to be served on the same banking day. Payment order submitted after 16:00 to be served the next banking day.

Provision of Statements and Copies of Documents
Statements on account transactions, copies of payment orders and account documents are provided on the customer's written request under the subject of the Bank's tariffs.

Account Closing
Banking accounts are closed in the following cases:
- on customer's written request mentioning the reasons for closing;
- at any time under the decision of the Bank's Executive Board Chairman or his authorized employees if within a year no transaction has been made via the given account;
- if the account balance is less than the minimum amount set by the Bank and the customer has not recovered it within 1 (one) month after the Bank's warning;
- other cases provided by the legislation and agreement on bank accounts opening and management.

In case of account closing commission fee is charged from the customer according to the Bank's tariffs.

In case of account closing account balance funds are provided to the customer or is transferred to another account on his/her request, upon the receipt of customer's written request not later than within 7 (seven) days.

Customer's accounts are closed after the fulfillment of customer's all liabilities and in absence of banking account limits (workload by pledge, etc.).


Account-holder's rights on disposal of the account and funds in it, may be restricted only by the court decision based on the application of judicial acts enforcement or tax agencies.

Account funds may be confiscated without an account-holder order by the court decision based on the application of  judicial acts enforcement or tax agencies.

The Bank's authorized subdivision after receiving a notice of Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service /JACES/ or tax agencies immediately send a notice to the Bank's customer mentioned in the Notice about customer's account freezing or account find's confiscation.

The Bank does not open, maintain, service, and provide accounts and other payment documents on anonymous or ficticous names.

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USD 480.00 484.50 482.38
EUR 534.50 545.00 540.89
RUB 6.89 7.13 7.05
CHF 491.00 506.00 501.17
GBP 592.00 611.00 607.22
GEL 145.00 170.00 159.20
CAD 325.00 360.00 356.66
USD 479.00 484.50 482.38
EUR 534.50 545.00 540.89
RUB 6.91 7.11 7.05
CHF 496.00 505.50 501.17
GBP 596.00 612.00 607.22
GEL - - 159.20
CAD - - 356.66

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XAU 1 gram - 45100.00
XAU 50 gram - 1450000.00
XAU 1000 gram - 27800000.00
XAG1000 gram - 390000.00
XAU 1 գրամ - -
XAU 50 գրամ - -
XAU 1000 գրամ - -
XAG1000 գրամ - -

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