The strategy adopted by Artsakhbank CJSC obligates the Bank to develop constantly and to contribute to financial welfare of its customers, partners and shareholders.

As a sponsor of numerous programs implemented in various spheres, as well as by its charity programs, Artsakhbank contributes to the solutions of socio-economic problems of the region it operates, particularly it gives financial aid for the target programs implementation towards stimulating education, culture, sport and health care in the region.

The Bank has its input in job creation as well.

Each regional branch of Artsakhbank operates following the principles of social responsibility and а unified mission, while taking into account local пецуларитиес and showing individual approach to its customers.


Children Eyes Smile When the Adults' Souls Are Awake

On May 31 2013, on the Children Protection Day eve Artsakhbank initiated a charity campaign donating glucometers test-cassettes to YERAZ (DREAM) Charity Fund. 

Within the framework of the corporate social responsibility policy, the Bank initiated the campaign to provide children under the age of 18 from socially vulnerable families from Armenia, Artsakh and Djavakhq, having diabetes who are registered in the Fund, with test-cassettes. The campaigned has been followed with funny heroes' visit of 14 children receiving treatment in Muratsan hospital complex as of May 31 2013, who by their funny dances and games surprised not only the children, but the parents and hospital staff as well.  

At the end of festive event full of smiles the children received individual gifts from the Bank.

Joining the YERAZ (DREAM) Fund's message "Diabetes is a life style", Artsakhbank realizes well that each child's life is a gift and for protection of it very little is demanded from each of us but important things such as kindness, care and love. As kids' eyes shine only when adults' souls are awake.